All Health Family Care & Alternative Medicine’s mission is to provide the best patient-centered care through the active participation of the patient, treatments, and services provided. 

All Health Family Care & Alternative Medicine was established specifically to focus on treating the patient, not the symptoms.  Both pharmacologic medications and IV therapies can be provided in conjunction with optimal patient health.  

The patient is an active participant in their treatment plan with their goals of desired health as the target.  Restoration and maintenance of the body’s natural defenses, anti-aging goals, and well-being are enhanced through the therapies available at our facility.

IV Therapies such as amino acid, Myer’s Cocktail, glutathione, chelation, hangover, and more are available for revitalizing the immune system, rejuvenating energy levels, and reviving the ability to fight the effects of daily stress on the body.

Our Weight Loss program involves four elements (amino acid IV therapy, appetite suppressant, fat metabolism pill, and B12 or B-Complex injection) that are used simultaneously to reach weight goals.   

Advanced Medical Aesthetics/Anti-aging treatments are provided beyond Botox and dermal fillers to enhance the patient’s beauty goals, such as the non-surgical Nu-Lift.  

Our Belief

Wellness results from optimal physical health, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social health.  To achieve this the patient must take an active role in their wellness plan.  All Health Family Care & Alternative Medicine feel that by providing holistic care, the patient will reach optimum wellness through education and awareness of their body, mind, and spirit.  

Our Mission

Is to combine both traditional and alternative medicine to address the needs of the “whole” patient. This holistic healthcare practice focuses not only on the treatment of the disease/disorder but also on the mental, spiritual, and emotional state of the patient.  How wellness is achieved and maintained, is the goal for individualized healthcare that we provide to our patients.  

Who We Are

All Health Family Care & Alternative Medicine consist of Healthcare Professionals that aim to provide patient-centered care that is efficient, accessible and cost-effective 

Let All Health Family Care & Alternative Medicine

  • Revitalize your immune system
  • Rejuvenate your energy levels
  • Revive your ability to fight the effects of daily stress

Services available

  • Holistic Primary Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Advanced Medical Aesthetics/Anti-aging Treatment
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  • Weight Loss

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